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  • kamoa_1 kamoa_1 Jan 9, 2013 10:33 AM Flag


    Yesterday's JP Morgan Healthcare Conference reveals more good data...
    last time they reported 10 patients out of 10 tested were virus free
    yesterday they reported- 100% of 20 people is virus free after 4 weeks of Maribavir...
    besting the gold standard which was 4 patients virus free after 4 weeks.(which, if I heard correctly was used for their filing of NDA)
    I remember de Rosen crowing about how good maribavir was back then...
    too bad that they used the wrong dose for their phase III...
    well, that is all water under the bridge- a wave that has gone and learn...
    and looks like the viropharma team learned and got the right dose this time..
    and they also revealed that the FDA is onboard...
    Stay Tuned!

    other good things were at yesterday's CC..
    check it out..


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    • Thanks for the update, Kamoa. Do you happen to know whatever happened to the two patients that had elevated enzyme levels? I never heard.

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      • bdinic bro,
        don't think I forgot about this post bro! I didn't ignore you. I have been looking up and down the website and webcasts... and I haven't seen anything about elevated enzyme levels... are you sure it's maribavir and not the HepC drug they canned a few years back?
        In the earnings call they again reiterated the 20 patients that are virus free in four weeks... they were especially upbeat about the prospect of this drug... looking at even a breakthrough!