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  • nuhawkus nuhawkus Mar 8, 2013 1:06 PM Flag

    Kamoa - Industrial scale

    Reviewing the earnings call the thing that struck me was the reference to a second industrial scale line being built for Cinryze to go on line in 2014. As VPHM noted the first line would produce 150,000 doses on one shift and additional shifts could be added it was said there would be plenty of capacity for the forseeable future. What has changed that assessment? It looks to me like all of the major new possibilities for Cinryze are a ways down the road. What am I missing?

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    • Nuhawk bro!... it raised my eyebrows too when I heard that. At the Leerink Swan Conference, Charlie said they are planning of getting more HAE reps in addition to the batch that they just hired... So it could be they are seeing more demand than what the street thinks... the Canadian market is about ready to go online also... about 3500 of them... and ROW is just getting started... VaPHoooM! will have its share of the pie...

      to top it off... there are many studies (Investigator initiated and in house clinical trials) that's going on with Cinryze... they need to supply these as well... should one or a number of them prove successful, like Refractory PNH which Colin Broom say they had successfully treated patient(s) with, they will not only need more doses, we will also be eating at Alexion's (ALXN) table if not its lunch...

      with 300,000 potential doses (remember this is only for US and NA.. EU and ROW have its own supply) at over $4000 a dose... dude it's hard not to get excited...
      MOOO!... (my opinion only of-course!)