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  • kamoa_1 kamoa_1 Mar 9, 2013 9:36 PM Flag


    Da buggah's potential is huge bruddah Oinchats...

    We are talking refractory CMV life and death situation here...
    Say you have CMV and have taken $4400 Valcyte or Foscarnet and it's not working... and the only way you're gonna survive is by taking Maribavir..
    It's do or die time...
    HOW much are you willing to pay for your life?...
    $100 grand, $200 grand, a Mill$? ..
    if your insurance pays for the bulk of it would you take it?...

    Maribavir is da ticket...
    to da moon!... brudah! To DA MOOON!... mooo!


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    • Watch for that new 'BREAKTHROUGH' designation that the FDA just implemented. Management is angling for it with Maribavir. It is a way of taking a drug to market fast... real fast.

      Here's da situation. Maribavir has cleared da virus in 4 weeks in 20 patients. Five times better than da gold standard and with clean profile and no adverse events. Remember it already has gone through rigorous testing in a phase iii trials... will the fda give it a go?


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      • This is good

      • very good news tku

      • I don't know da particulars of this set of twenty patients brudah oinchats, I think they say asymptomatic. But to give you an idea of how Maribavir performs in the refractory setting I have here an excerpt from an abstract ....
        "Oral maribavir for treatment of refractory or resistant cytomegalovirus infections in transplant recipients."
        Patients were treated for a median of 207 days (range, 15-376). Four of 6 patients had no detectable CMV DNAemia within 6 weeks of starting MBV therapy. One patient, who had an initial viral load of 1.8 million copies/mL, developed MBV resistance mutations. One patient, who had low serum levels of MBV, had persistent CMV DNAemia and viruria without developing genotypic or phenotypic resistance to MBV. One patient cleared CMV DNAemia, but died of pneumonia and multiorgan failure. No significant adverse effects attributable to MBV were observed.


      • That was the info I was looking for. Do you know what percentage the 20 patients are of the total that has tried it as a last resort?