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  • speedydekker speedydekker Aug 22, 2009 10:43 AM Flag

    GM Will BK within 2 years

    GM is just not set up for success. The Chevy Volt isn't ready and will cost about $40,000.

    Honda's gas/electric is ready now for under $20,000. It gets over 40mpg. And Honda is building a fully electric model too.

    Bob Lutz was right that global warming is a crock but GM did not recognize that many consumers buy into it anyway. They want green cars and they wanted Obama.

    They still want green cars. And Ob will force gas prices above $3 by increasing taxes on gas.

    Thereby screwing GM to the wall. And his union buddies as well.

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    • Yeah, and another problem is parts availability. I have 2008 Impala fleet vehicle in the dealer for 3 days now, and they are having trouble finding a fuel pump. The service writer says they are trying to build the fuel pumps, but there is one little part that they need to get from a supplier that may have shut down during the bankruptcy. He says they have thousands of fuel pumps that are sitting around but need to have this final part snapped in. Fortunately, they found a fuel pump at another dealer, and are supposed to receive it on Monday.

      I can see potential big problems ahead with unacceptably long repair times. Even if my personal policy against buying a car from any company that was bailed out and given to the unions was not in effect, I would have to think real hard about whether I would want to sink big $$ into a GM product.

      Now, when they go bankrupt AGAIN, if they truly start from scratch with private capital and without the union manufacturing force, I might not only buy a vehicle, but would seriously look at investing.

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