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  • drjohncar drjohncar Dec 8, 2009 11:52 AM Flag

    Obama's Jobs Speech is a Joke

    This was supposed to be the guy to bring everyone together. Another Obama lie! He is spending half the time in his speech blaming "the previous eight years" and Bush and instead of putting all that sh*t aside, has once again, divided America and the ridiculous political system the average American finds himself in and sick of the whole damned thing. Yes, he inherited a mess but the dirtbag prez has made it worse and bewteen him, Stretch Pelosi and Dingy Harry Reid and further broken down America into more of the "Haves" and the "I WAnt What You Haves."
    He just doesn't know when to STFU.

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    • you cannot reason with the rigth--the only thing they undersand is force--They have no brains and only two emotions rage and fear. we had their rage for 8 years now we justr have to ignore them and move on without them.


    • You should shut your cockhole3 "moderate jack-- it isd the fiolth form the right that has dvided this contry. progressives haven't moved left. We're right where we have always been-- your pseudo chritain lunatic pals have taken over you r party you stand with the 6000 year od earht and ther iisno middel fore that you dirtball--when you jsettison the scum that runs your party you can come back to the table until then STFU

    • Nah, the million man....actually 11,234.....march is more of a Barrack-organized theme. Get as many poor, unemployed, hopeless rascist-driven welfare felons in one place to listern to Farrakan or Obama or Wright..all the same thing....blame it all on the "man" and them systematically figure out a way to take what they have earned and give it to those who feel entitled. That's the Obama way, the Wright way and the dumocrap way.

    • Jack, everyone knows you are the resident idiot around here. You with your million aliases. Hell, you yourself could hold a million man march on DC all by yourself.

    • that you? Is that what you do when you're not glaring into a teleprompter? Didn't think you would stoop to being on the same site as common folk. I see you used the same tired phrases in your post as you used in your speech....very weak and pathetically tired.
      Listen Hussein, try to keep your chin up. So what if you are destined to be a one-term president and take the entire dumocrap party down witcha. It's all good. You've already made history....and repeated as being a loser.

    • Even the big Democrat Cramer hates Obama

      The Self-Defeating Business Policy
      By Jim Cramer
      RealMoney Columnist
      12/8/2009 12:17 PM EST

      Why does the U.S. market underperform? Simple reasons, like the front page of The New York Times, which, basically, says that the drilling for natural gas in the largest repository of natural gas, the Marcellus Shale, is compromising drinking water, something that is sure to kill this bold attempt at energy independence. Because the CO2 rules are paralyzing whole blocks of industry, because no one knows for sure what kinds of plants they should build or the cost of their operations.

      These kinds of arbitrary decisions and negative press make it so I feel that we are so self-destructive in our business practices that it is difficult to invest in industrial companies that have a majority of their businesses here.

      When you couple that with the fact that it is hard to get a loan -- well documented in the endless articles about how banks are not loaning -- and we don't know the health care costs of employees, you begin to wonder why anyone would or could expand in this country.

      You particularly worry about the engine of growth, small business, and how it can handle this thicket of regulations and rules and a regime that seems to give only lip service to business.

      How ironic is it that the only business I know that has hired more than 1,000 people this year in this country, Chesapeake Energy (CHK) , is going to be a victim of the reckless campaign against drilling because of worries about water that have so far proven totally unfounded and of climate-control rules that are so in flux that everyone is frozen. And the coal-powered utilities can get away with the idea that they have to do nothing, even as the new businesses trying to figure this all out are unable to wend their way through the thicket of Washington.

      The pattern is everywhere. Yesterday, Macy's (M) Terry Lundgren fretted about the new rules the administration wants, where you have to show a paystub to get a Macy's card. Given that no one has pay stubs with them, that source of Macy's sales and credit will go away. Bad for Macy's, worse for the consumer. But that's because, of course, the administration seeks to protect the least well-off from themselves instead of worrying about how they can get credit to buy things with the idea that one day they can pay it back.

      The whole regimen of this nation has become threatening to business, and the moment you point it out, you can bet you will become public enemy No. 1 of this crowd.

      Better to shut up and take the pain that it keeps dishing.

      I wish I had that instinct of self-preservation. Comes in handy under a Pelosi-Obama presidency. How bad were Bush and his team that these radicals were allowed to hijack this government and no one's willing to stand up to them?

    • art7650 Dec 8, 2009 12:51 PM Flag

      Thank you for your post on this terrible president. Vote out the clowns beginning 2010. He and his cronies are all lies. Are people better off now than they were just over a year ago?

    • Yep, everytime I look at the TV and see him I say "oh my God, not him again". He acts more like a celebrity than a president. Want to just puke! All those who voted for him, how is that working for you? One big AH.

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