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  • snowdens_of_yesteryear snowdens_of_yesteryear Apr 3, 2010 2:28 PM Flag

    US jobs rise at fastest rate since '07, in the Year Of Our shrub

    Der shrubberrr did his darnedest to kill off the economy world wide. Since the shrubRecession began in December 2007, around eight million Americans have lost their jobs. Some 15 million Americans remain unemployed.

    Government data released Friday showed there was a 162,000 rise in non-farm payrolls in March, the biggest increase since March 2007; Der shrubberr drove jobs away at a severe pace from March 2007 until now.

    Just the facts, ma'am:

    Time to stop the "we need more shrubonomics" bullsh!t, deadenders.

    A little refresher for you eadender morons:

    Der shrubberr was left a DOW of 10600.

    Der shrubberr drove the DOW down to 8000.

    Obama has the DOW at 10927!
    DOW 11,000 next week, easy!

    S&P 500 Jan. 20 2001: 1350

    S&P 500 Jan. 20 2009: 805 (NOT A TYPO!!!)

    S&P 500 April 2, 2010: 1178

    Hope this helps, spazZzZzZzyyy!

    Your pal, snowdens.


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    • Last month many people collecting unemployment on extensions ended.Many of those people stopped working under the table.They're no longer counted as unemployed ,or getting an added check for nothing.

      So some of them went back to work.
      So lets see if the people start spending more now,or if it stays the same.

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