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  • edteekay edteekay May 10, 2010 12:07 PM Flag

    Jews Abandon Obama

    You error in your statement. It's not that he's against a Jewish homeland. Rather it's that he's against 60 years of ongoing ethnic cleansing and apartheid of the Palestinians. It's their home too. Moreover, the vast majority of Israelis are actually European "settlers" or invaders, take your choice.

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    • So you are actually accusing the Jews of ethnic cleansing?

      That statement is ridiculous. The Jews are just protecting their lives and property from the lawless Pals.

      Obama prefers the Pals because he is Muslim.

    • Just a quick question-- who are the Palestinians, how long have they been there, and what are the exact (remember exact) boundaries of Palestine? When you can answer those 3 questions you are entitled to have an opinion until then you're just another uninformed loudmouth.

      Just a quick update Aprtheid in israel is averrrry recent phenomena- Jews have been in the majority for most of the 60 years just sayin

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      • Good question, Rational. The Pals did not have a state. They were wandering tribes of goat herds in 1947. There was no central gov and not even any police. Tribal elders ran the show just as in parts of Pak now.

        That is partially the reason the Brits chose this area to put the Jews. They also considered Sudan, which as also ungoverned, but the Jews wants ancestral lands where Jesus lived. They wanted to propagage their race in the homeland.

        I blame the Brits for starting this mess.

        But since Obama does not give a flying F about the Jews, he may finish it for them.

      • <...Just a quick question-- who are the Palestinians, ...>

        The Palestinians are the inhabitants of Palestine, an area of the mideast which was part of the Ottoman Empire from the 1500's until WW I. It included all the land that is currently Jordan, Israel, and Palestine, and was administered by the Brits after WWI. [The French had what is now Syria and Lebanon.]

        The residents of Palestine are called "Palestinians". Since Palestine included both the UN established Israel, the remaining land which is called Palestine, and Jordan,- both Arab and Jewish residents of this area were referred to as "Palestinians". Current usage of the term tends to exclude the Jews, who do not want to be referred to as Palestinians.

        < long have they been there...>

        How long have the "British" been in Britain, or the "French" in France? This is not a legitimate question. More pertinent is how long have the "Israelis" been there, and the answer is 63 years, or, in most cases, less. Jews had been driven out of Palestine millenia ago.

        <..., and what are the exact (remember exact) boundaries of Palestine? ...>

        The exact boundaries of Palestine were established by the UN in 1947. However, large portions of that land are now part of Israel as the result of several wars, or are militarily occupied by Israel as a result of the Palestinians having no cohesive government and no military to counter the Israelis. For practical purposes, the boundaries of Palestine are established on a daily basis by the prounouncements of the Netanyahu government and Israeli guns.

        If you want to know what the exact boundaries of Palestine are today, you need to know where the Israeli gun emplacements and various fences, checkpoints, and walls are. Or- just ask Bibi.

        <...When you can answer those 3 questions you are entitled to have an opinion ....>

        Very easy questions, actually.

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