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  • drjohncar drjohncar Sep 30, 2011 8:19 AM Flag

    Obama now Killing U.S. Citizens

    Yes, Al-Awlaki was a bad guy but he is a US Citizen and US citizens shouldn't be targeted for assasination and attacked in another country's back yard. Americans are promised due process under the US Constitution and that should include a trial by jury. Obama should be impeached for murdering a US citizen in violation of his constitutional rights. Then there are international violations. Do we have a right to use these drones like the hand of god anywhere we feel it is needed? No wonder we are hated so much around the world. Doesn't Obama kow that when we kill someone like Al-Awlaki. he creates another million jihadists? We continue to create these combatants faster than we can kill them. Now the imperial regime-master himself, Lord Obama, will appear some time today is his non-ghetto-non-union-non-street organizer gear... dark suit, white shirt and tie....not untied...and take credit for killing a US citizen.
    Of course, ecxept for the last sentence, I don't believe any of this. I am glad the dirtbag is dead and hope they dump him where they dumped Osama...maybe chum him up a bit...but the above garbage is what would have been posted by the left-winged dorks if a Republican was in the White House. Dems and Libs are allowed anything during war but all the rules change when the kool aid is in the other mouth.
    Your pal,

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    • Right on jack!
      you rock!

      hey mullet: shove it!

    • we play fire with fire no rights for these kind of people maybe they will get the message if they want to be terrorists
      they will apy with thier life

    • WHEN he played politics in Afghanistan by not sending troops early-on when the Field Commanders said they were necessary to win, people said it didn't matter.

    • One should never be concerned with nationality when eliminating one's enemies, Herr Doctor. Do it quickly, do it efficiently and do it in large numbers. Our ally in Iran sees eye to eye with us when judging who should be eliminated. Concerning our Iranian ally, we are gravely concerned that Syria will succumb to the internal troublemakers, leaving Iran completely surrounded by parties who are not friendly to the cause. We are fortunate, however, that your President continues to allocate your now scarce resources to the bottom feeders of your society, making your presence in Iraq and Afghanistan no longer affordable. We must stress again that it is critical that your current President be kept in office for the next term. That is all for now, must turn our attention to Greece. How I wish we still had two heavy Panzer divisions, but all in good time, all in good time.

    • First, shouldn't you be in temple praying for forgiveness for your sins and hoping God will provide you with a better New year? Or, have you already accepted the fact that for you, next year will be horrible with the Obama's Regime being fumigated from the White House in 13 short months.
      Secondly, you have never seen anything rascist from me on this MB. If you can't see the difference between Obama's dress, antics and speech when he adresses people from the Rose Garden as opposed to the Office Worker's Union, you are as dumb as you post! That's not rascist to observe that, it's rascist for Obama to use his blackness when he suits him and to be Doogie Howser when it doesn't.
      Thirdly, I am happy Obama managed to kill the latest jihadist. Good for him and good for America. The problem with the left is your phoney kool-aid drinking inconsistency. Let me put it in a liberal formula for you as follows:

      Troops KIA with Bush as President=Crimes agaisnt Humanity
      Troops KIA with Obama as President=the Price of Freedom

      Get it stupid? Some of the left wing loons on this board listed every serviceman and woman killed in action on this board when Bush was President. Others listed the millions and billions of civilians killed. Once Obama gets elected, it all's all good even though he is in the same wars plus a few new ones. Get it stupid....phoney...anti-American marxist loon.
      Happy New Year!
      Your pal,

    • Obama and your military is keeping you safe to be an armchair critic . . . anyone who joins a military force against the U.S. is subject to the same penalty as any other enemies on the battlefield, just because this man only motivated his warriors, it does not exempt him from this form of punishment . . .

    • Jack..You're OFF...Killing a Terrorist is Killing a terrorist .. ....Since when are you protecting terrorists ?

    • Get over yourself "dr", Obama is doing a tremendous job.

      You're simply jealous that the GOP couldn't do it.

      Anwar Al-Awlaki Dead: U.S.-Born Al Qaeda Leader Killed In Yemen

    • You now prove what we knew all along. You are a terrorist-loving, America-hating racist!

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