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  • diximann diximann Dec 6, 2012 11:56 AM Flag

    Obama just does not get it!

    President Obama's DEMANDl for a de facto permanent increase in the debt ceiling has emerged as a second major sticking point in negotiations over the looming fiscal crisis, on top of the seemingly unshakable deadlock over tax hikes.
    Merry Christmas to His People!

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    • He gets it, but the people looking for handouts who voted for him don't!
      He took advantage of Americans suffering from his failure and dangled the carrot of free money in front of them.
      He is destroying the fabric of America one day at a time!
      Ask yourself, does he want you to have a big 401k or stock investment? Does he want you to have more than the blacks or illegals he has a line out to? Sell now!

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      • Honestly, guys, this whole "Obama is all about giving free cheese to his people" thing and the demonization of the UN thing, and wanting the congressional Repubs to be able to use the debt ceiling as leverage thing,...............NONE OF IT IS WORKING. THE PEOPLE ARE ON TO YOU.
        If you don't want the Dems to take the House in 2014 then GET WITH THE PROGRAM.

        Stop being the STOOOOOOOOOOOOPID party like Bubby Jindal told you.

    • It gets worse. Now it is revealed by Sen. Jim Imhofe that Obama has been handing billions over to the UN for global warming. This money is distributed to third world countries. Nobody thinks the money will be spend on environment. It is wealth redistr. internationally.

      Sentiment: Sell

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