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  • fredin212 fredin212 Dec 7, 2012 9:58 AM Flag

    Remain calm citizens, all is well

    Seems that the largest gain in November employment was in the retail trade, +53,000. Who saw that coming, what with the way they move Christmas around and all. So a collective sigh of relief can be breathed by all, as the benefits of those $8/hr jobs will send this economy to new levels. Heck we may have to officially start worrying about inflation with so much money pouring into the economy.

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    • You do have to feel bad for those who did not vote for Obama and are struggling with a family and an $8 job! All we can do now is :
      Make sure every dollar you donate does not support the "others"!
      Get a good tax accountant!
      Keep Church donations to your Church, and not to the "mission"
      Watch where you shop or buy gas( shop by owner ), drive the extra mile
      Stop donating to your college if they admit on diversity and quotas and not solely on grades
      Donate to kids and the poor in the Appalachia, and NOT inner city causes,
      Forget these overseas charities, as there is enough need right here.
      Give directly to people on he street if you see them, food, clothes etc
      Forget Major charities other than the Salvation Army
      Donate to local food banks

      We can make a difference in 4 years. With a little care, you dollars won't be wasted like our taxes on the same groups living free!

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      • koreanwonton lives in an increasingly psychotic world.

        -Who are "the Others", koreanwonton?
        -What do you mean by not donating to "the mission?"
        -What does "shop by owner" mean?
        -Why donate to the poor in Appalachia as oppesed to the poor anywhere else?
        -Why do you encourage panhandling and homelessness?
        -What is your problem with charities other than the Salvation Army?
        -why are you such a turtleboy?

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