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  • for10dollarsmore for10dollarsmore Dec 7, 2012 7:15 PM Flag


    There has never been a time when more americans were dependent
    upon a check that was passed thru government hands.
    of course government skims the gravy. Leaves citizens scrambling
    for the skin and bones.

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    • This is one of those posts that uses the disingenuous ploy of correlation without causation. That is, you state a fact (though I haven't checked on it) which by implication suggests Obama is responsible for the most UI checks going out ever without showing why he should be held responsible.
      First, the population of the US has never been higher. Second, many factors exert influence over our unemployment rate. Namely, the state of the world economy, systemic trends (like outsourcing) within the US applying to hiring practices, tax law, the general business climate, etc. The policy initiatives of a President have limited effect on all of these. Certainly no more so than legislation (or the lack thereof) coming out of Congress. We constantly hear (thought this has largely been debunked as nothing more than a talking point) that "uncertainty" is what has been holding back the economy. To the extent that is true who is responsible for the uncertainty? Clearly it's the Repubs who when they are not blocking the Dem's legislative efforts to improve the economy (and most recently their own too) they are threatening to undo ones already passed.
      I guess what I'm saying is you are a nitwit.

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