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  • diximann diximann Dec 17, 2012 11:10 AM Flag

    Rash of violence in the US

    Another Conn school on lock down this morning, 3 incidents of shootings over the weekend, as we enter a 2nd term of Hussien's rein of destruction of American values.
    In 4 short years, more people have lost houses, jobs, savings and the American dream than in any other period of time. Sure there is a problem, but it is not Gun laws.
    Christian values are being outlawed as Muz rights, illegals, sick GL's, welfare, food stamps and 45% of the population getting paid to sit home with nothing to do, becomes the new American dream
    Are the "Rich" to blame? As everyone wants them to pay more?
    Or is Hussein to blame for his failure? ( he was only elected by those collecting handouts)

    The news articles never state whether or not the criminals are employed, or how their lives changed over the past 4 years.
    Other than gun law changes that allow open/concealed carry for every legal law abiding US citizen, stricter laws only keep guns in the hands of criminals.
    If Americans want to end the destruction of Values in this country, we need to stop Hussein

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    • Good summary.
      We just went through 9 days of no power with the storm.
      No power, no city lights, no phone to call police if there was an intruder or break in (unless you kept your cell always charged form the car, IF you had enough gas) , low in food, no heat etc. And I felt safer armed in the home than if I had a generator. Were there breaking in's around the east coast? I am sure there were but the news never reported any. Drug addicts still needed money for those 9 days.
      Would there have been a successful break in in my house? I doubt it! But I am sure many went an applied for a gun lic before they ran and bought a generator for the next time.

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