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  • spendthriftgift spendthriftgift Dec 28, 2012 11:34 AM Flag

    The punishment will be doled out. Yes. Successful Americans, who have been villified

    by Socialists, will pay more of their money to Obama's government. His government
    will NOT spend less net year than 2012. Defense spending will be re-allocated to
    give more money to Socialists.
    Obama's socialists say: Increase tax rates NOW and sometime in the future, they
    will change their unfunded spending habits.
    The dirty little secret is that the TOP TWO PERCENT don't have enough income to
    pay America's bills.
    Raising taxes on THE SUCCESSFUL will Not get new jobs in America's businesses.

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    • by decades of favorable tax policy allowing them to grow their wealth to historically disproportionate levels when the middle class has struggled with stagnant wages and fewer jobs will have to go back to paying the tax rates they paid during the booming Clinton years. Rates that in no way hampered growth in the economy or job creation.

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      • Toast:
        You have my condolences in dealing with the warped sorts here, such as speddylamedikk, who particularly is locked in his own little world. But you seem to handle them with skill and always facts, similarly to how Obama somehow was able to trump the lyingest presidential campaign in U.S. History. (two Republican analysts were blackballed from the party after inferring just that in print.)

        Keep it up.

      • I guess you assume that the wealthy are the same people year in and year out. That has not been my experience. I started with nothing and now have something because I worked, saved and invested. I don't consider myself wealthy, but Obama apparently does and wants to punish me for whatever success I have achieved. And, by the way, Obama's proposed tax rates are roughly 10% higher than in the Clinton years because of Obamacare's 3.8% tax on investment income.

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    • But it will support his people in the free lifestyle they are entitled to in Obamas plan.
      make your year end donations to the local Church and Salvation Army to drop a tax level.

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