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  • korean1dan korean1dan Jan 25, 2013 12:48 PM Flag

    Court says Obama recess appointments invalid

    A federal appeals court on Friday invalidated President Barack Obama's "recess" appointments to a labor board last year, ruling that the move was unconstitutional and dealing a blow to Obama's strategy of bypassing Senate Republicans.
    Get them and Obozo out of office.

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    • Unfortunately, they'll never lay a glove on the media protected, teflon bozo in the White House. He has too many of the underclass on his side. The country is losing, big time.

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      • You sound like Romney and it's true. Country is going to lose either way. The USA is a Free For All. Take what you can get. It is like a stock or market that has to consolidate with no guarantees. People grabbing for power to line their pockets. People trying to save the earth. Save the earth? From who? Humans, and don't forget their kids.

        Listen to the real estate agent, mortgage banker and US gov't: It's time to buy.

    • Yo, nitwit, you understand this is based on a radical interpretation of the Constitution, right? That it reverses two centuries of precedent? That Shrub made about 170 such appointments, including John R. Bolton to be ambassador to the United Nations and two appeals court judges, William H. Pryor Jr. and Charles W. Pickering Sr?

      You knew that, right?

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