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  • waywardwaylay waywardwaylay Feb 1, 2013 2:55 PM Flag

    I don't mind making money. I don't mind you making money. What p_sses me off is the government printing more

    of it with no collateral. When citizens do it they call it counterfitting. Poof. Another $85 Billion/month.
    Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme. Everyone knows it. The government "borrowed" against the fund.
    Does it look to you like they have any intention of paying it back.
    Now the government is borrowing against the employees' retirement funds. Any way they'll
    pay that back?

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    • Wayweird, it is good to see you shrugging off your turtleboy tendencies. We are impressed that you have made a 180 turn as far as public service employee unions are concerned.

      You write " ...the government is borrowing against the employees' retirement funds. Any way they'll
      pay that back?" Exactly! Teachers, firemen, police retirement funds have not been funded as according to contracts. In California alone the shortfall is $300,000,000,000 at this point. Many other state are in the tens of billions owed. That is money the state contracted, and is now in danger of reneging.

      Gop eeedjits like Scott Walker (stoooopit, WI) demonize the public sector employees, much like the folks in Hamlin tried to demonize the pied piper. Glad to see you see through such divisive rhetoric and realize how important it is to vote Democrat. Restoring the pre-Bush tax code, and wiping out big business (and big small business) subsidies can go a long way to balancing out the shortfall.

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      • I am about ready to head out to the swamp for some shooting and a night with Jane Wayne. This is the first Friday night she has not had to work at the jail. They are expecting a big day Sunday with all the drunks.

        Corporate profits are not looking good according to forward looking statements by some large companies, Dow Chem among them. So I do not think that taxing comporations will do much good when the econ is failing with negative growth.

        We need a booming econ to fix the federal deficit and all of Obama's programs depress growth, esp Obamacare. Regulations are even worse. The fishermen in NE are going out of business and Smith&Nephew is laying of 100 employees because of the new tax on implants.

        I am going to stop by Publix and get a bunch of fruit to bait Skunk Ape. I want him to come looking for food I leave, like my #$%$ do. Then I can photograph him with a trail camera. I do not have the camera yet.

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