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  • speedydekker speedydekker Mar 14, 2013 7:01 AM Flag

    75% of L are Fat

    This is what taxpayers will pay a Boston Hospital to study this.

    Speedy has another question. What percent of L are ugly?

    Judging from those we see on TV (Jillian, Ann, Opera, Whoopi, Ellen) it would be 100%. But there must be some attractive ones but where?

    Speedy can save the gov the $1.5 million in study funds. Girls go L because they are ugly and then they get fat because they are dissatisfied.

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    • Women of the "L" persuasion are fat (and even obese) because they hate themselves and are lonely, so they try to compensate by overeating, and favoring high calorie, high fat content, and unhealthy foods. They also tend to drink sugary beverages and also alcohol excessively because they are so miserable, and that adds even more empty calories to the equation. Fat Ls seek out thin(ner) women for companions because they think it makes them look thinner too. Little do they know that it has exactly the opposite effect and, by contrast, makes their fatness and unattractiveness even more obvious and apparent. And even though they appear to be friends in public, they really hate each other. Of course there are exceptions, but they are rare as hen's teeth!! Fat Ls also tend to have and use more toys, if you catch my drift, because they lead lives of fantasy, and also because they absolutely need them in order to achieve any degree of satisfaction. And this is a growing problem, particularly among the militant women who dominate the 'cratic party. We saw an example of this in the lead up to the last election. Sadly there are many others like her, and the number is growing. Gay men are mostly thin because they have auto-immune deficiency syndrome.

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      • Good analysis Streamer. I had to stop by the airport this morning where I saw two L women with an adopted Black baby. Both were very fat and ugly. The Bull dagger had a man's haircut and men's clothing. The Mom was just a mess.

        The baby looked happy and I thought that was nice. Speedy does not believe LGBTQ should adopt but maybe this wasn't a bad one.

        We should keep in mind these people cannot help they were born ugly. All the rest is compensation for that.

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