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  • speedydekker speedydekker Mar 19, 2013 9:40 AM Flag

    Was Hillary A L at Wellesley

    Speedy does not know what Hillary did at Wellesley except that her best college friend is a confirmed L. That does not mean anything, of course, although it is fair to say that none of my friends are LGBTQ (not that there is anything wrong with Q behavior, of course).

    But many young women at Wellesley did go L but just for college according to a grad I dated some years ago. She said they had regular coming out parties at the college and then the girls would go back to the dorms and give each other a good tongue lashing. My former g/f said she did not participate and I partially believe her.

    So it is likely that Hill got a full exposure to L culture while in college , and if Bill is to be believed, probably participated. Remember what he said about her.

    My former g/f was the first fat redhead and that is where I learned to love the type. She used to say the hair all over my body is the same red color and she was chubby and beautiful. And straight when I knew her so far as I know.

    The women's colleges are center of L culture and Smith is the leading advocate for L I have heard and Wellesley up there too. The girls gravitate to each other because they are too smart for the BC types and MIT people are too smart for them That only leaves the Euroqueers and communists at Harvard and that isn't much to work with. I know nothing about these universities except what the fat redhead number one told me.

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