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  • fredin212 fredin212 Apr 18, 2013 12:57 PM Flag

    Are guns more lethal than automobiles?

    Last time I looked we kill about 32,000 of each other every year on the roads. Hey maybe we should register cars and make drivers undergo a licensing process. Whadaya think MilqueToast, will that work? And when it comes to mental health, the jerk riding your bumper at 75-80mph on the Interstate is truly crazy. Maybe we should take his car away. Talk to me about gun control after we start treating inner city gangs as enemy combatants and forcibly take their weapons. And a side note to the bad guys in Boston. Why attack the USA? Obama is the President, you've already won!

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    • Bravo Fredin.
      Rock On!

    • If Obama and the left wing radicals wanted to do it toast would be all for it. The gun thing fit right into their agenda. Ever since Diane F'stein became mayor of SF by default after Dan White shot Moscone and Milk she became afraid for her life and began toting a concealed weapon for her own protection while trying to take guns away from the rest of us. The sooner she and Boxer are gone the better. They have made themselves rich off of gov't insider trading and business so it's time for them to get out and leave the people alone.

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