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  • nanospeak nanospeak Jun 23, 2013 1:56 PM Flag

    Supreme Court and Equal Protection under the Law

    Supreme Court to rule in a week on the subject of equal protection. This could be good for GL's (marriage) and bad for blacks and Hispanics (affirm action-college applications).

    If the court does it straight up and formal then the blacks and Hispanics entitlement status is toast. The GL's however would be considered legally allowed the marriage status. It will be interesting to see how they do it. I guarantee you that the Hispanic woman on the bench will do her best to make exceptions to anything that "hurts" her latino people regardless of what the constitution says. The 14th amendment was set up to protect freed black slaves but now it is being used as unfair entitlements for blacks and browns and virtually anybody who wants favorable treatment at the expense of everyone else.

    More and more states are issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens and the children they smuggled in with them, ignoring the law in favor of their own practical judgment. We either follow the law and the spirit thereof or we allow the courts to legislate by decision and our government to do as it pleases to manipulate society for its own benefit. Makes you have less respect for government and the rule of law.

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    • The court should rule and ensure "Equal Protection for ALL" and end all discrimination aka reverse discrimination practices.
      After all, Equal is a simple word to understand, and does not encompass equal outcomes.
      If your #$%$ lazy or refuse to learn, that is your choice, and no law should make up for it!

      Equal does not mean someone else has to carry you and pay taxes for you to live, or get bypassed because of you.

    • But, But, But, The S/C can't rule yet, Barry hasn't appointed enough UberLibs to their bench!

    • Special protections were set up for minorities because of blatant evidence they were being discriminated against. They still are.

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      • They use it as a tool. They know the government is sensitive to them and will jump whenever they decide to complain. Once hired they know they can get away with more than the average employee, especially in government jobs. I can see employers discriminating against them just to avoid the problems they can create with the race card. They are a discrimination complaint waiting to happen.

        I knew some Hispanic young people who worked with me at a government job. One said she was planning on going to UC Berkeley until they stopped the Latino Quota easy admission policy. The other one said he was happy to use the Latino preferences even though he did not need it. At our agency he, being a Latino, was put on a preferential list for promotion after being hired for the same reason. He quit after a year on the job.

      • maybe before all of us were born. You people can't even count that far back! The party is over when your boy is ousted.

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