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  • mytsigns mytsigns Jun 24, 2013 9:02 AM Flag

    Suntanned and Hale and out of our Speedos!!!

    Myt is back from our annual 2-week sojourn to the beautiful Jersey shore! We are looking and feeling fit as can be after enjoying sun, swimming in the sea, and devouring fresh seafood. Gotta love NJ beaches.

    Myt is a little concerned at the outright nuttiness this board has displayed lately. The multi-id troll has gone over the top... posting silly turtle boy-isms almost non stop. Spentpssssss...dude...get OUTSIDE once in a while...Obama has not robbed you of the right to get some fresh air and sunshine. This weekend was BEAUTIFUL all across the US, and you spend it inside, posting all that drivel?

    Myt has a suggestion, make the ratio of BMY posts to turtleboy posts more like 5:1 instead of 0:1,000s. And in the space between trying to think of something intelligent to say about BMY, go outside for a while.

    Disclosure: Mytsigns went long on BMY 6/20 ... mistake? We think more like balanced risk.

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    • Myt is feeling pretty good about our reentry into BMY, but even more pleased with our other healthcare stocks, including Vanguard Health Services (VHS) up 60% + today due to buyout. Myt has said on this board over and over...Obama has opened new vistas in healthcare stocks, thanks to his implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act...the best ideas the repubes have come up with in years. Opportunities like VHS are low hanging fruit (easy there, wayweird, it's just an expression), and wise money knows hospitals are due to increase their bottom lines as more uninsured patients become insured...hence moves like the VHS takeover.

      The choice is clear...focus on the market, drop the politibabble and MAKE MONEY!!!

    • Capt. Teddy and the Miss Barnegat Light was the place to fish in BL. Speedy caught many mackerel and blues on his boat. Unfortunately, the head boats here in FL do not do as well, in fact, they rarely catch much at all. We do better from the shoreline.

      Myt, do not delude yourself that you bring any rationality to the mb. You are one of the biggest contributors of nonsense. Your turtle obsession is the prime example.

      There are some larger women at my tennis club and they hit the ball really hard,. I asked one of them to go fishing and she said it has been a long time since she had her hands on a pole. I replied we could handle that little problem.

      As regards your recent purchase of BMY, Speedy thinks it has peaked at least for the immediate future.

      Sentiment: Sell

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      • Tsk,tsk speddy
        "Myt, do not delude yourself that you bring any rationality to the mb. You are one of the biggest contributors of nonsense. Your turtle obsession is the prime example."
        Myt challenges you to find one iota of irrationality in any of our posts. And we are not obsessed with turtles, ya maroon, we simply point out the oddness of the numerous turtleboys on this MB. If you do not know the definition of a turtleboy, we suggest you google "YouTube I like turtles" and you will get the idea(google is like the bing, samondave).

        Myt must warn you sped, of the high frequency of HPV amongst your rotund tennis players. They often have a difficult time washing certain unreachable areas, and then your usual submissive action might give you blisters. Be careful...the mouthwash trick is a myth.

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