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  • ttm4 ttm4 Jul 11, 2013 12:05 PM Flag

    Wow, the results are spectacular!

    0care fans ought to google "Forbes NHS" and "Telegraph NHS" for the REAL WORLD (not synthetic world) results of Britain's "better outcomes" health plan. Remember; these are reports on the WAY THINGS ARE, not the way they have been sold. We already know that every aspect of 0care so far...has been a lie. That's cool. Lying is good. Better is worse. Now give me all those pent-up "hater" thumbs downs! Because I know, in a world where bad is good and worse is better, "thumbs down" really means "thumbs up"!! And thanks for your continued support!

    Highlights? Do you know that the NHS came out with a "Health Care Constitution" in 2010? It set a goal of seeing HEART patients within EIGHTEEN WEEKS? (That is four months, for those with that math deal going on) Or, you could say it is 126 days. BUT IT'S ONLY ABOUT 35% of a year!! Wowee!! Now, let's think about this....why would a bureaucracy come up with such a plan? Might it be...because the current wait times to see a doctor ARE MUCH WORSE? (Yes, I know, worse is better, but it is better to be worse-worse than better-worse, unless you can get better-better, which is worse than better-worse because worse is better. Got it?) Very, very, cool!

    By 2020, it is estimated that the NHS will exceed its budget by SIX TIMES. Cool. Very, very cool.

    Do you know that if you are diagnosed with a heart issue in the horrible, rotten, #$%$ US system, your doctor will INSIST you go to surgery TONIGHT? or TOMORROW? Man, that sucks. Very uncool to get treatment that quickly. Unfair. Rich people will laugh at you and harvest your organs!

    0bamacare will turn the entire US health system into something resembling a government-administered indigent health program. The wealthy will buy their way around it. You think there will be healthcare w/0care? Oh, there will be promises. And it will be fair, because everyone who cannot afford to buy their way around 0care will get the same, miserable, third-world result. Welcome to Bulgaria, kids.

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