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  • qcqaabs qcqaabs Aug 20, 2013 12:36 PM Flag

    stooooopid party prepares to self-destruct over nonsense


    The conservative movement seems dead-set on tearing itself apart over "defunding Obamacare," an imaginary gimmick

    Never mind that staunch conservatives like Sen. Ron Johnson have called the gambit “next to impossible,” or that Republican Sen. Richard Burr called it the “dumbest idea I’ve ever heard of.” The Tea Party’s message remains you’re either with us or against us. Don’t join the defunding effort? That means you support Obama’s health law, they say. It’s like healthcare McCarthyism, with “communism” replaced by “Obamacare.”

    “Conservatives [are] doing what they do best: Destroying each other via self-defeating circular firing squad,” sighs conservative writer Guy Benson at TownHall. “It’s counter-productive madness for conservatives to assail each other at a moment when the other side should be profoundly vulnerable. Strategic disagreement are fine. Foolish litmus tests and ultimatums are destructive.”

    Even Heritage Action’s deeply skewed and misleading poll, which was meant to show the public supported the defund-or-shutdown effort, found that more Americans would blame the stooooopid party if the government shut down, and that more Americans say Obamacare should be kept in place rather than scrapped all together.

    Meanwhile, in reality, the defunding effort is running out of gas. “From the leaders of the GOP establishment to usual teascrotum-party allies, a growing number of Republicans are splitting with movement conservatives,” the National Journal’s Shane Goldmacher reported today. Only 13 senators have signed on (they need 41) and House leaders have splashed cold water on the plan, even hinting that it might cost the GOP its once-bulletproof majority.

    Where will this leave things? The safest bet is this: With Obamacare funded, the government open, and a lot of really #$%$ off scrotes who will be told that their leaders sold them out once again.

    Please proceed.


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