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  • toast22342000 toast22342000 Sep 18, 2013 9:25 AM Flag

    The Plot to Kill Obamacare

    “one of these days you and I are going to spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it once was like in America when men were free.”
    Did Eric Cantor say that about ACA? Or perhaps Rand Paul? No, that is a quote from Ronnie R. from back in the 60's speaking about Medicare. You know, that socialist plot designed to enslave us all.

    Google "The Plot to Kill Obamacare." It's an excellent, excellent read on the Repubs relentless efforts to sabotage and or repeal ACA.

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    • When your getting it for free, you can come up with all kind of reasons, excuses, and reports among your kind of people.
      But, if your a working white American paying taxes for reduced coverage, and paying for others insurance, you see it for what it truly is! More handouts!

    • It's doing a fine job killing itself. Politicians follow public opinion, not the other way around. This bill has never had majority support and support has only gotten weaker as people have found out what's in it. I suppose some Republican cabal was behind Walgreen's dumping their employees onto the exchange today. Didn't the lying sack that's droning on TV at the moment say that if you like your insurance you can keep it? It would appear that's not the case.

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      • Driving corporate employees into the exchanges may be the only good thing about Obamacare. The quality/cost of your healthcare should not depend on who you work for. The same level of care should be available to all, AT THE SAME PRICE. Paying for it is a different issue, and if your employer wants to foot the bill, that's fine. Not advocating single payer, not liking Obamacare in general, but pushing vast numbers of corporate employees to the exchanges will spur true, market-based competition, thus creating an efficient price and distribution system, and hopefully get our inept government out of it.

      • "This bill has never had majority support and support has only gotten weaker as people have found out what's in it."

        Actually, the opposite is true. When people are asked whether they support the component parts of ACA, in other words finding out more about what's in it, they support it by fairly large majorities.

        "A recent poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation found Americans split down the middle, with 41 percent approving of the law, and 40 percent saying they didn't like it ( PDF). But then Kaiser asked about 12 specific provisions in the legislation, and found that, on average, 63 percent of respondents approved of the nuts and bolts of Obamacare. Of the 12 measures they tested, only one – the controversial mandate to carry health insurance or pay a penalty – received the approval of less than half of Americans (35 percent)."

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