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  • unkel_sammy unkel_sammy Oct 4, 2013 6:43 PM Flag

    I hope all you Obamacare supporters are happy with your new premiums

    Your finally seeing a personal stake in your vote after the years of supporting it. But don't despair, when you get your new job at 1/2 the pay, you'll get a subsidy!
    Let's here it for Barry! Hoop, hoop, ha rah.............hoop, hoop ha rah!

    If it makes you feel better, after Jan, Barry will post tear jerking article of all his people who were saved by your donation to their HC. ( although we all know hospitals cannot turn a sick person away. And any balances due after treatment won't be paid, by them anyway.

    As the Greatfull Dead once sang:

    Red and white, blue suede shoes, I'm Uncle Sam, how do you do?
    Gimme five, I'm still alive, ain't no luck, I learned to duck.
    Check my pulse, it don't change. Stay seventy-two come shine or rain.

    Shine your shoes, light your fuse. Can you use them ol' U.S. Blues?
    I'll drink your health, share your wealth, run your life, steal your wife.
    Wave that flag, wave it wide and high.
    Summertime done, come and gone, my, oh, my.

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    • A little late to the party UNK!

      Following are the first few verses of "Re-enlistment Blues" written by James Jones in "From Here to Eternity":

      Re-enlistment Blues

      My hitch was up Monday

      Not a dog soljer nor more
      soljer no more.
      They give me all that money

      So much my pockets is sore
      pockets is sore.
      More dough than I can use

      Re-Enlistment Blues
      them blues.

      Took my gelt to town Tuesday

      Found me a big double bed
      big double bed.
      I'll find a job tomorrow

      Tonight I'll maybe be dead
      maybe be dead.
      Ain't no time to lose

      Re-Enlistment Blues
      them blues.
      There are probably a couple of hundred more verses of this soulful ballad, many not clean enough for polite society, reflecting the plight of the pre-WWII Professional PFC GI awaiting the really big war.

    • Here, this may cheer you up after telling your wife your insurance premiums tripled and deductible

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