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  • brad_merriwether brad_merriwether Oct 31, 2013 5:31 PM Flag

    Another Ocare Problem

    Americans who sign up for Obamacare will be getting a big surprise if they expect to access premium health care that may have been previously covered under their personal policies. Most of the top hospitals will accept insurance from just one or two companies operating under Obamacare.

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    • If they had access to "premium health care" then their policies already complied with ACA standards so they wouldn't need to sign up for anything. You understand that when you say "signing up for Obamacare" it means getting a policy in the private marketplace, right? And unless you had a junk policy that didn't afford you anything close to "premium health care" you wouldn't need to change.
      And you understand that anyone with a policy in 2010 that does not comply with current ACA standards can keep that policy, right? Unless of course THE INSURANCE COMPANY makes changes to the terms of the coverage you get, in which case it no longer qualifies under the grandfather clause. So that you can keep the policy you had UNLESS THE INSURANCE COMPANY decides they want to put the blame on ACA and cancel your policy. You get that, right? You get that when Obama said if you like your insurance you can keep the insurance you have because ACA is not forcing insurers to cancel your policy or forcing you to get a new one he was 100% correct, right? You get how completely distorted the coverage of this issue has been in the "liberal media," right?

    • Obamas people will just go in the emergency door, like they used to. They will get care anywhere they want.

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      • Everybody knows it is a boon for blacks because they are going to be highly subsidized because of their overall poor financial and employment condition. It's a shame that with most government programs like this you will have your local drug street corner dealers now using subsidized healthcare for them and their babymommas and babies.

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