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  • toast22342000 toast22342000 Dec 20, 2013 4:19 PM Flag

    a level of ignorance rivaling that of the cabal

    "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson made headlines this week for his anti-gay sentiments in a GQ interview. Now another statement from the interview -- this time about the black community during the pre-civil rights era -- is stirring more controversy.

    GQ's Drew Magary sat down with the "Duck Dynasty" patriarch for a candid interview about his road to fame. The 67-year-old journeyed from substance abuse to devotion to God to small-screen celebrity, all in the backwoods of Louisiana. According to Robertson, growing up in those Louisiana backwoods in the pre-civil rights era was not bad for black people.

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    • anothernewmultialias_forwedcman anothernewmultialias_forwedcman Dec 22, 2013 5:46 AM Flag

      barrack and associates helped bring the backwoods to chicago

    • Sure, we know Black people are much better off today:

      1. Death rate among young blacks about 25% due to drugs and gangs
      2. About 1/3 of younger Blacks in prison
      3. unemploy among young blacks is 50%

      And now Obama is further enslaving them with more gov benefits so they will never dig out, even if they wanted to.

      Sentiment: Sell

      • 1 Reply to speedydekker
      • Has it occurred to you that PART of the problem is (and I know how vehemently the cabal denies it but the racist posts are there for all to see) people like the cabal who continue to discriminate against minorities?
        Or that part of the conservative strategy is to turn logic on its head and claim the perpetrators of racism are actually victims? Or do what you have done, claim that programs designed to help people with subsistence benefits are enslaving them? As if they live high on the hog on $5 a day in food stamps and don't want to better their situation. Efforts towards doing so being consistently blocked by, sorry but it's the truth, racists like you.

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