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  • drjohncar drjohncar Jan 29, 2014 7:46 AM Flag

    Rented The Butler from Redbox last night

    Couldn't stand listening to Barry for an hour so I rented The Butler in keeping with the spirit of the SOTU speech. Great acting and the story line was the exact opposite of Barry. A young black cotton picker in the 1920s works hard his whole life and rises all the way to being a butler in the White House serving the Presidents from Ike to Ronnie. Hard work does work...Ole Cecil never got a handout. Good flick! Better watching The Butler than The Buttboy!

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    • I see that Moderate jack is still fuming that a Harvard educated black man rose to be prez while his own miserable existence will go unnoticed by all of humanity. Are you sure you didn't pause the butler a few times in order to take a few peeks at Fox News?

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      • Asswipeforbush...not fuming that an affirmative action Harvard educated...althought we cant access his school became prez. Just furious the American people were fooled into believing such a fraud as Barrack Hussein Obama could lie his way into my White House on the biggest lies since Joseph Goebbels about bringing everyone together and uniting America. Furious that he continues to lie today a la health care and everything else that flows from his lips. But in the end it's OK. We have to try soicialism....extreme liberalism...once every generation to show it doesn't work and never has. Back to reality starting in November, 2014. Then we'll see if America wants to elect an old hag. First November, one step at a time. But in January, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE AT THIS TIME!!!!!!!!! LMAO!

    • Good choice!

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