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  • nanospeak nanospeak Feb 6, 2014 12:19 PM Flag

    Obama says no problems at IRS. Benghazi a non-issue.

    So nice to have our president keeping us informed and up-to-date on the latest results of hearings and investigations. Why waste all that time and money chasing political ghosts when we have an omniscient president to settle things for us.

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    • What's laughable yet telling here is how right-wingers appear to be hanging on to any hint of a scandal in a desperate attempt to taint Obama in any, every way possible while I'm guessing that most of them had lock-jaw when Cheney-Bush lied us into a war that wound up killing many thousands.

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      • Obama's administration is creating the scandals. Thanks for noticing.
        What's pathetic is Obama's inadequacies and left-wingers refusal to
        acknowledge them.

      • That's a tough one for sure. One difference though is that Bush had bi-partisan support for it, lie or not. Obama cares less about the truth or support in the above matters as it is all in house under the democrat roof. 9/11 changed things forever and it was not about oil because we did not gain anything from Iraq or SA. The strategy and management of that war was what did it for Bush. Had it been like Desert Storm Bush would have been a hero.

        Obama is now suffering the results of his political strategies and actions.

    • So nice to have our president keeping us informed and up-to-date on the latest results of hearings and investigations.

      Can you honestly blame Obama for pointing out to O'Reilly that both matters were extensively investigated by
      Congress revealing absolutely no credible accusation of wrong doing by the WH? Obama was spot on when he answered Billo's contention that "many people" still regard the matters as scandals by saying it is because Faux still promotes them as such. Nitwits will no doubt go to their graves believing the lies Faux continues to spew. A person doesn't have to be omniscient to realize that.

    • Amazing Obama never knows much of anything except he is always on top of " what is not a problem" , even if he did not know about the issue or all the facts are in.

    • That interview with O'Reilly was very telling. O'Reilly does not suffer fools and he had to do all he could to treat a clueless Obama with at least some respect.

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