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  • shmann22 shmann22 Jun 30, 2012 11:13 PM Flag

    Is CDXC a good buy?

    A whole suite of incredibly useful products. A stellar management team. A lot of negativity. These all amount to exceptional promise and to the patient investor a massive windfall over the coming years. Yes!

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    • I’ve been wondering the same thing. I can’t see much downside, since the losses are already priced in and have been priced in for a while. I can see potential upside from NR and any takeover. From what I can tell, the downside is small – bankruptcy – and the upside takeover or big success of NR. Overall, it’s not normally distributed.

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      • There are clear risks yet ahead. BluScience could fall totally flat and be abandoned (or sold off). The company continues to spend to sustain this brand. Hopefully they are cutting the heavy funding cord, as it needs to sink or swim on its own. The proprietary formulations could be wonderful sources of revenue at some time in the future. They need a JV/Licensing deal. Sometimes these can take great lengths of time to come through. As I have said before, the company will NEVER run out of money (Frost), but they could be running on a low tank for another 1-2 years (science takes a while to test and prove out). In this case, the PPS will be swinging very low to $1+ along with market swings. Until licensing/JV this is just a micro-cap with an interesting array of product possibilities, albeit potentially significant ones. It is a speculation that should stay solvent, and potentially could make lots of money. With the lab and the in-licensed formulations, it becomes a reasonable, and I think, a well-reasoned speculation.
        I think that the company owes its shareholders at a minimum a quarterly shareholders letter. I believe this would help to shrink the negativity through addressing issues head-on.

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