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  • danwesslback danwesslback Nov 2, 2012 9:57 AM Flag

    You cant Win....Coming Soon Secondary, then Reverse

    Guys, you are way to optimistic with this Company. The Insiders are the winners - not you. Shortly you will see a secondary to raise money at lower prices, then here it comes.. the Reverse. Now when this happens you will have a lot less shares. Guess what, the Insiders then give themselves more stock and the game continues. Why have your money in a company that has no money.

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    • This sounds even dumber now that time has past.
      Careful with your bs dan, people might start to think you are clueless.

    • dorianpc Nov 2, 2012 3:59 PM Flag

      Would you explain your theory about the reverse split? Or are you just repeating words that you heard somewhere without understanding what they mean?

    • Don't believe these guys or me for that matter, Check for yourself, I wish I could add a link but go to google, enter "cdxc insider selling". I see plenty of buys but the last insider selling was nearly a year ago.

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    • Precisely what I have pointed out repeatedly over the past 6 months. The scheme has been to issues publicly traded shares, put only enough of the proceeds into the company operations to maintain basic viability, and pocket the rest. The result is a hollow shell of a once respectable corporation, with no cash to pay its bills, mounting losses each quarter, no funds for growth or innovation, two sets of senior management who have fled the sinking ship, and no appetite for a final desperation secondary offering. If company management try a rerun of this scheme it may be time for the SEC to have a look. As it is the company is basically Trading While Insolvent.

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      • dorianpc Nov 5, 2012 2:50 PM Flag

        Is there a reason why you didn't answer my question?
        Would you explain your theory about the reverse split?
        Yes - I am testing you.
        But it is a fair test. you can answer the question, or you can continue spew nonsense.
        You brought it up, not me. Here is your chance to shine. - or not.

      • But Insiders have never sold a share. If the firm goes bankrupt, as you are predicting, what is the benefit to having all those shares they issued to themselves?

        Go to secform4. A negligible amount sold by Frost a while ago but Jaksch, Honig, Brauser have sold none.

        I just doubt your theory that the insider's are using this company as a shill. I don't doubt that they are out of cash and need to figure out what to do with BluScience/balance sheet.

      • That's ridiculous. The insiders have spent a small fortune of their own money on shares in this co. Why would they invest their own money if the co. was about to go under? These arguments are stupid. Not to mention, no link to back anything up.

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