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  • danwesslback danwesslback Jan 26, 2013 9:38 AM Flag

    CDXC - Insiders Received Hundreds of Thousands of Free Shares

    Beware - Insiders are all over this board promoting you to buy into their scheme. The Company is next to Broke & lacks any public interest of their products to date.. What you have here is another promotion intended to create interest in buying shares in their company. Instead of promoting thru another article you now have a paid for endorsement. The reason the stock goers up is due to promotion, the reason it always comes back is due to someone on this board who is an insider selling into the promotion.

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    • dorianpc Jan 28, 2013 8:16 PM Flag

      They certainly have many more shares than YOU. That is why one day soon they are all going to be extremely rich, and you, well you will have gained experience!
      Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want.

    • Your Argument makes Zero sense and is just complete rot. If insiders were selling then they would have to report those sales via a Form 4 to the SEC. Where are the sales Dan? I'll save you humiliating yourself-there are no sales you FUKCING MOREEN-Please go back to your trailer park existence because you have reported nothing of value on this board-just a bunch of lies. This guy is a fraud ladies and gentlemen-a complete buffoon.

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      • It is by now clear that this entire board is nothing more than a forum for the shills, hypsters, and phonies who either work for the company, or are hired to promote the stock. Judging from the writing styles, if you can even call it styles, which characterise the posts, my guess is that only two, or at most three, people are behind all of the aliases pimping this stock.

        What is astonishing however, to me, is that they could for one second believe that any reasonable person would believe their rubbish. To reply to someone who posts a perfectly civil and truthful statement with the kind of kindergarden obscenities, and childish name calling as you typically do, under your various pseudonyms is reprehensible. Your infantile attacks on anyone who does not hype this stock gives you away as uneducated, rude, cowardly trolls.

      • Dr. Frost does NOT invest in losers very often. He has too much money invested in CDXC for this co. to be a loser and I think he's smarter than you dan.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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