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  • roxyroo73 roxyroo73 Jan 29, 2013 11:39 PM Flag

    Shares and price

    Using Yahoo's key statistics: If you subtract the number of insider shares and institutional shares from the float there are less than 10,000,000 shares held by regular people like me. This means it's me and about 300 other people who own the stock, and the majority own amounts that have little to no effect on the stock price when buying or selling. Therefore, the insiders have a lot of control of the price, in my opinion.

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    • dorianpc Jan 31, 2013 11:58 PM Flag

      I tried to follow your numbers. Here is the last 10Q:
      Common stock, $.001 par value; authorized 150,000,000 shares;
      issued and outstanding September 29, 2012 91,650,062 shares;
      December 31, 2011 72,939,996 shares
      insiders + institutions own about 47% of the 92M issued
      That leaves 49M for you and me to fight over, and 58M yet to be issued.
      I don't see where you get 10M what am i missing?
      Actually, I think Frost is due to buy a boatload before spring is over. (just my hunch) but I don't think he will put himself as more than 49% owner. - too much liability.
      big move will come then (or a little earlier, to keep you guessing)

    • Someone or some group does manipulate the stock price from time to time.

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      • Manipulated or not, I still bet the insiders will eventually want to hold the stock price up, as opposed to letting it drop back down again. Getting out of negative territory helps make the case for sustained stock price appreciation. I bet insiders like paper profits too.

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      • Mary, Thats what some of us keep trying to tell everyone. Since the company doesnt have a real product that has the publics acceptance or enough working capital the insiders have made a play to pump the stock with articles & of recent a endorsement. Once the buyers come in the insiders sell unregistered stock. You might be lucky and catch a few profitable trades but sooner or later the promotions wear out & those left holding risk losing their investment. You will probably see the insiders come at me for disclosing this.

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