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  • keep_your_options_open keep_your_options_open Jan 31, 2013 11:50 AM Flag

    danwesslback / sharonlimrick

    YOU KNOW WHAT CRACKS ME UP ABOUT THIS ONE SHORT WITH MULTIPLE NAMES....the idiot is the only one on this other shorts mouthing off...hey jamesfromaukland you are working overtime....they should be paying you more....

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    • You were cracked up before, your just starting to notice.. I have never used any other name here on this board other than the one you are looking at.. There are several smart people here with independent views of how the scam is being played out.
      I have noticed you have several names all pumping great advice. How long do you think you can play this one out? For the record I am Dan not anyone else, good try.
      When the stock crashes to pennys you will have made money, not the shareholders.

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      • Dan, why do you exist? Just to help us? To warn us? I am all grown up now, and another person trying to warn me just #$%$ me off because it indirectly says that made a bad decision based on facts that where invalid. Why are you telling me that I made a bad choice? What was my bad choice exactly? Please proove why NR will not work or fly back up to heaven and let them know they still prefer to make their own choices down here. Bring Sharon too.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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