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  • dorianpc Feb 1, 2013 12:34 AM Flag

    Which is more likely? Billionares playing with penny stock schemes or making millions.

    On a very basic level, the idea that some of the richest men in America would need to stoop to "schemes" to make money is implausible. It is more likely that they invest their money and efforts to ultimately make 100's of millions. Of course there are people that are philosophically opposed to rich people. Their sentiments are usually traced back to resentment, coveting and hatred. - fear of success probably involved mixed with an unwarranted sense of moral superiority.
    So Dan or Sharon, lets see if you can respond to my point without going off on some tangent.
    by the way, if you had bought this stock when I told you, you could have made 7-24% on your money in less than a month.
    24% a month is an insane return. even 7% per month is extraordinary. but it is easy really.

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    • I try to follow your logic but there is one crucial fact that is missing.
      Since i dont live in the USA I asked my duagther who does, tofind out where can I get Chromadex products.
      After some research the answer was : nowhere.
      I would appreciate your comment.

    • No one is opposed to rich people, they may be opposed to how they attempt to control the country or how they treat other people, sounds like you have listened to too many fox news opinions.

    • You asked for a response, here it is. First, what difference does it make that something is or is not "likely"? It is the reality that matters, and in this case there are abundant indications of insider manipulation, insiders enriching themselves with no cost options at the cost of the small investor, and a total disconnect between the fundamentals of the company and the share price.

      In fact, in most of the developed world, the company would not be allowed to trade at all. It would be violating the prohibition against "trading while insolvent". This is to protect small investors and customers from exactly what is occurring with this company.

      Secondly, given that the company has clearly failed to accomplish its business goals, the only option for these big investors to make money is by playing games with the stock. As long as people like you continue to buy what they are selling they will do fine, but there is an end game that you are not aware of, unless you are the shill you seem to be in the employee of the company, or otherwise doing their bidding.

      Third, do you have any inkling at all how the investors you so adore will make the "100s of millions" you refer to? If they do have a plan why burden it with the baggage this company is carrying? Why not put it in a healthy company, with competent management and a few dollars of cash in the till?

      Fourth, paper gains or losses mean nothing. Any id iot can pick a retroactive entry and exit point for an illusory trade.

      Finally, you have complained previously about my writing style. I would like to accommodate you, but I find it impossible to express a reasoned response in the one and two syllable words you prefer. Perhaps you can ask someone to help you with this problem.

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      • dorianpc Feb 1, 2013 2:03 PM Flag

        I'll engage you since you are making an effort to be reasonable.
        1. Aquiring options is not the same as exercising options. Andd it is not the same a purchasing shares on the open market. The reality is these big insiders have spent money not taken it. So your point about them bleeding us hapless investors dry is false.
        1a. There is a reason the U.S. hosts the biggest markets in the world. If you want to tune your argument to somone in Malysia, go ahead, CDXC doesn't trade there. Using your own words, the company is not insolvent. That is what 10-k's are for. I put more credibility in them than in half baked analysis.
        2. Here I can agree, the company has poorly defined plans and tried to be a wholesaler. They are no good at it, and will need to adjust their business model. The management shakeup and partners are beginning to take care of that. I am not an employee of the company. I have no direct relationship to them. I told you not to go off on a tangent. Misdirection is a losing tactic.
        3. I am not that altruistic, I doubt I adore any investor here, and admit I am in it for my own personal gain. (Which by the way, is in the double digits). That being said, there are several people here that seem to make resonable points not clouded in hyperbole. CDXC is not even 5% of my portfolio so I not only agree with putting money to work safely, I practice it. What you fail to get is the nature of a speculative investment which is why you continue to analyze this company in terms of fundementals, and capitalization. You use the wrong ools for the job, so you naturally draw the wrong conclusions.
        4. My posts have been clear about my entry and exit points. The profit I have made is already reinvested elswhere. What remains is an embarrassing excess which emboldens me to be bold and flippant in the face of less capable (or lucky) investors.
        Finally, while your prose is exorbitantley verbose, it is your reasoning that is the bigger issue. Hopefully you can re-examine my replies in the proper context. But what remains is still a person with no skin in the game, clanging like a cymbal.
        My final advice to you is to start listening to me. I have already posted where the entry points are. Even today, you can pick up a few thousand shares just to play with. I will guide you and tell you when to get out. Once you have made a few grand you will be less anxious and irritable.
        If this company gets a break and Frost does his usual 10x deal, you will be bitter for the rest of your life.
        Nobody wants that for you. The good thing about success is you want to share it with people.

      • Have to say you did ask for this b u l l dorian lol

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