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  • deacon.debra deacon.debra Feb 4, 2013 1:25 AM Flag

    Dr. Frost....All he does is make money

    OPK has been going up on a regular basis since he started buying up the shs. if someone invested in this stock when the Dr. first got involved in it they would have almost a 10 bagger right now. Even if you started buying just a year ago you would double your money. He does it again and again. I remember when I bought OPK there were people on the Yahoo message board screaming that the only people making money off that stock were the insiders. My bank acct. says different. Now, I own a BIG block of shs. in CDXC and PGLC. Everytime I buy a Frost co. I make money. I don't buy every co. Frost invests in because there are a few that just don't look like I want them in my portfolio. I look at every stock to see if it meets certain criteria, CDXC and PGLC do meet this criteria. All Dr. Frost does is make money.

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    • Deacon, I took positions in both stocks last week for the same reasons. It seems everything Frost touches turns to gold. Good luck in your portfolio!

    • some cdxc AFTER U DO YOUR OWN DD.....AND U KNOW U HAVE BOUGHT WITHOUT ANY HESITATION....PUT IT IN YOUR PORTFOLIO...and forget about it.......u won't be sorry...other people u know will be saying I wish I would have know better to buy that at .65 cents....

    • dorianpc Feb 4, 2013 8:24 AM Flag

      Just out of curiosity, what are your criteria?

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      • First of all I don't look at how much money a co. is making, that means NOTHING to me. I look at how much money the co. has the ability to make in the future. I look at how long the co. can do business without any cash influx. I look at the poss. of the co. getting cash it may need. I have to consider, will Frost be willing to fund this co. through the bad times or will his good friend Mr. Honig help if the co. needs money? I also have to take into consideration the poss. of a buyout. I think both the cos. listed above plus CDXC all have the potential to make money in the future, they all have the ability to get cash when they need it and they all could be buyout candidates, especially CDXC. When Dr. Frost and Mr. H put money in a co. it's for a good reason. I won't buy a co. just because they invested in it, but it does help. For example, I don't own shs. in PPRTF because I don't think they belong in my portfolio.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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