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  • sharonlimrick sharonlimrick Feb 22, 2013 10:29 AM Flag

    NR is another fantasy

    Are there any informed, logical posters here, other than the rare one or two that seem to have their heads on straight?

    NR might as well stand for No Return. The supplement market is a tough, competitive, and crowded one to begin with. Introducing a product, that is not actually new first of all, and is extremely costly, and has no consumer awareness behind it is next to impossible. This is why the big supplement companies do not even try. Unless you have a multi million dollar PR budget, a history of credibility and expertise, and a hell of a lot of luck it is about as likely as finding a cure for cancer. No one cares a whit about a new form of Vitamin B, which is not what NR is in any event, despite this description being used by members of this forum. It is more like a new form of Niacin, a supplement whose day came and went about 15 years ago. This hoopla about NR, as the saviour, and game changer for CDXC is pure hype and hot air. At least people had awareness of blueberries, and pteroblue was still a resounding failure.

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