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  • wm.wagner Mar 5, 2013 3:34 PM Flag

    Chromadex shares

    About six or eight months ago I ran across the advertising for Chromadex and its blueberry products. The packaging really caught my eye and after looking into it found Dr. Frost was a large shareholder. I took a gamble and bought 17,500 shares. As usual when I buy, the stock drops and I sit and wait. What got me on this message board was the Nuetirsci deal. I got afraid I was going to lose a lot so I've been trying to find out as much info as possible. I was ready to take a loss and get out but decided to wait and see. Try to keep a close eye on things and if Chromadex was in trouble try and get out before I lost too much. I have never shown any profit on this deal. I bought in at 85 cents.

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    • What do you think about Sharon trying to discredit every little thing that CDXC does. Sharon's discrediting of every little thing will not help you get out at 85 cents. Go ahead, let Sharon know how you really feel. Or do you think that every little thing CDXC does should be discredited too? In a recent post Sharon tried to discredit NR, for me NR is untouchable without some proof that it is not better than Niacin, so Sharon has been written-off in my books.

      Also, are you in the stock to make 59%? or are you looking for a home run? Or just to break even at this point no matter what?

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