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  • fitching2011 fitching2011 Mar 9, 2013 5:08 PM Flag

    Serious side effects seen with failed Merck niacin drug

    Wonder how NR research will turn out. Hopefully better than this. Maybe Merck will show interest, maybe they already are.....

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    • No pharma will touch NR after this study, and the FDA may very well ban it as a dietary supplement. The timing of this study could not have been worse for CDXC. Given NR's higher potency, it is entirely reasonable to assume that the adverse effects will be stronger as well. There is no reason to believe that it will not suffer from the same serious side effects as standard Niacin.

    • NR is simply another form of Niacin (B3). This massive scale study is the death knell for NR, or any other Niacin analogue. Most scientists, and certainly Merck, expected very good results. What they found were extremely worrying results. To wit:

      Indeed, the combination drug used in the study — made by US pharmaceutical giant Merck and combining extended release niacin with laropiprant — is already approved in 70 countries, though not the US.

      But when tested against a placebo in more than 25,000 patients, it failed to reduce the numbers of heart attacks, strokes or other serious cardiovascular problems.

      Even more worryingly, the study showed unexpectedly higher levels of bleeding and infections in the group taking the drug versus the placebo.

      And the group taking the study drug also showed higher levels of other side effects, including new cases of diabetes and complications for previously-diagnosed diabetes, as well as rashes and diarrhea.

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      • Niacin is NOT simply another form of Niacin. They are both precursors to NAD+, which is the main player here. NR is much closer to NAD than niacin. As a matter of fact niacin has to be ribosylated before converting into NAD. I am responding to you because no one else responded. The Merck study was a cocktail of Naicin and another drug, which complicates it. The results both scare and excite. Will NR have a similar problem, or be the magic precursor? Time will tell.
        If there are others who stopped posting because of the recent nonsense on this board, I would like to hear your opinions?

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