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  • danwesslback danwesslback May 15, 2013 4:00 PM Flag

    CDXC Pump & Dump Board

    BEWARE..... insiders all over this board , bringing in the troops to pump this Pig.
    Beware of insiders pumping positive predictions here. The stock is a worthless piece of #$%$, they want you to buy there shares so they can get out. The company loses money quarter after quarter. They also are running out of working capital. Be smart get out before the insiders do.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • I am becoming a fan of dan...

      • 2 Replies to not.real84
      • lol...admitting that tells us all a lot about you.....

      • Dan is like a fan, repeating the same warnings again and again and again. Swirling around with no point (other then to try warn poeple of the old pump and dump). There are a lot better causes to take on than to try and warn me about CDXC. If it is worthless why is it at $0.70 cents? If it is worthless why isn't Dan short? - probably the same reason you are not short. I.e. It's more dumb to be short CDXC than it is to be long, it's even dumber to care about CDXC if you have no position at all, saving stay cats is better then what Dan is doing above. Companies routinely over history take time before making a profit. The insiders will never sell on the open market (beacause they know what that would do to the stock price). Therefore, their only option is to sell CDXC to another company. I bet the sale price will not be $0.70 cents - a fair amount higher and less than a year or two away.

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