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  • roxyroo73 roxyroo73 Jul 25, 2014 10:17 AM Flag

    August is comming

    Who wants to bet that they have planned the NIAgen clinical study results for a time after interest in NIAgen has been reinvigorated through some of the "wave of upcoming results" Frank talked about?

    Another way of saying it is that I doubt they will use the NIAgen study results to start the reinvigoration of interest.

    I see $3-5 bucks right before the end of the year, with nothing other then study results.

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    • Hey Roxy, I agree, but I think $5-$7 by end of year.
      Positive human results is a game changer
      Who dat? Who dat

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Hope you're right, Roxy. Not much interest now, so it slowly loses ground.

      C L

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      • I agree the interest is low "they" seem to be keeping it at this level for now. A waiting game. They will not let it get too cheap before the news so less downside risk now. As all speculators know the only downside risk is if it does not increase NAD+, which I personally believe is not a risk at all based on my experience taking it and knowing the NAD+ is responsible for how I feel according to what I've read. Serious money that can move the stock price materially/significantly are not allowed to invest until there is proof. I.e. Some mutual funds are mandated to not even invest in companies that are not profitable. Marry these two on the positive side, when the results are positive, we will have both a profitable company with a major player of an ingredient in NIAgen then we will finally have the interest we know it already deserves. Again a waiting game. One thing that is different though is how quite CDXC has been this year, fine the stock price pulled back from two dollars, but it is relatively stable here and does not seem to have an appetite to revert back to the 0.60 level where I bought in at, which is good. I personally take the silence as a quiet confidence that that things are going well and the focus is on ensuring the back end of the company is alligned for the future growth we all expect. The link to Nestle is still very interesting. the link to Tiger W. is interesting, the link to DSM is especially interesting, so is SCRIPPS and the other research teams focusing on NIAgen. Some news will leak out soon and we will start to see progress. The day the world realizes this is the real deal is the day the stock price will blow right by the realistic stock price. Dr. Frost is getting good at allowing the stock prices of the companies he has invested in move up significantly, I bet his plans for CDXC (especailly now after he has fluked into NIAgen) are even grander and that he also has the experience in the market to make it happen - I.e. the "players".

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