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  • lemonyelow1 lemonyelow1 Feb 14, 2007 4:14 PM Flag

    Get Ready for Some Deal Announcements

    I know a good retort -- even if I suspect we're on opposite sides on this one -- when I hear it! You must not be one of the now departed (one can hope) crew of Far East bashers.

    On one thing, I think, we can all agree -- if you look at a 5 or 10 day chart, today looks like ANAD went through a 12-step program last night. That is, even though the volume is beefy, the trading has been so "orderly" that one senses a kind of well-matched tug-of-war is in progress. That is, and here I speculate, some folks who (at a minimum) think that $12 or so represents most of what they were hoping for at this juncture are feeding out their line to some "hungry fish," hungry enough at any rate to keep buying in size without sitting on their hands long enough to see whether the sellers would take less.

    I won't say -- because I don't know and am clearly biased -- that weaker hands are yielding to stronger ones, but there is (almost for a certainty) no one posting on this board with more knowledge of this company (every which way) than "Mr. Bottom," and the fact that (and with his cost basis and his comments about ANAD execs) HE's still holding all or most of his ANAD cards is more than a little comforting.

    Speaking of good retorts, he knocked the "management selling" softball clear into S.F. Bay. We longs have got (at least for now) a symphony orchestra in our pit; shorts are playing a beat-up Uke with 2-3 strings. Time for y'all to do a reprise of "the sky will fall when they announce their secondary" -- there must be a new person or 10 on this board who'll get a teentsy bit nervous if you phrase it just right.

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