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  • anchorcheck anchorcheck Apr 11, 2007 11:53 AM Flag

    Short Tales: Shorts are Covering

    They are using a down market to disguise it, and as an opportunity.

    You can tell they are covering, as the bid just keeps absorbing selling into the bid, over and over, and sometimes with big trades. And the bid just doesn't flinch, and often has only one market maker (MM).

    So, this is just the reverse of what had been happening. Now it is a Wall SUPPORTING the bid.

    I don't know who is selling, though. Maybe it is the Shelf buyers.



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    • And this Wall of support continues to move up. So, I doubt that is in the Shorts game plan, but maybe they have decided to cover as much as possible at this level (under 13 ?)

      Now we watch for the next play they make in this massive poker game. The shorts are trying to keep a poker face, but we have a pretty good idea what cards they are holding.......the dead man's hand.



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      • You're incorrigible! ... Last warning -- you're aching for a breaking. What you think is reportage is -- PATENTLY -- 3 parts wishful thinking and one part tea leaves reading.

        Remember, not only can the shorts buy and sell you, me and everybody else who's ever posted 'roun' heah, they'll (a) stop at nothing; (b, well a paraphrased) can put their money to nefarious uses; and (c) have forgotten more tricks than you'll ever know about.

        Maybe, you could (not that you would, of course) take candy from a baby. This is not at all in the same ballpark.

        We all agree that Mr. B.F. adds enormous value by virtue of his intelligence, insight, etc.... Your comments have a "did you see how fast that pitch was, Sparky?" quality -- and what's worse, your "we'll show them nasties what's what" is little short of pathetic.

        Hey, no profanity, but your attitude is gonna prove muy costly TO YOU in the long run. Try losing it -- before you lose your shirt.

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