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  • lemonyelow1 lemonyelow1 Jun 7, 2007 8:33 AM Flag

    Samsung SCH-u540

    First, a final ?? comment or 2 on the growing-massive adjacent thread about Intel maybe, maybe buying ANAD.

    Yes, one has trouble "dialoging" with B.F. (he's mostly right not to suffer fools gladly but - and I share the problem - he has a colossal problem dealing with the possibility that he does not have a monopoly on

    Substantively, folks do well not to get hung up even on the somewhat more accessible aspects of technology (i.e., silicon or not.) ... If Intel (or someone else) decides they want to buy ANAD, it'll be based on "big
    picture" questions like, "Is this a business we want to be in?" and/or "Is their technology world class and not worth reinventing, given the alternative of buying them with one day's lunch money?"

    Now, on to the phone mentioned in the heading. Astute readers may recognize that this was the subject of an ANAD PR release on or around 5/23. ("Production volumes being shipped" for it) ... I saw on today's a glowing review of a new HTC phone (ANAD is a supplier but
    we've come to realize that this is not NECESSARILY germane!) and when I went searching for evidence of ANAD-inside, I wound up looking at a much more mainstream and prosaic product, one of heaven knows how many Verizon

    Since I'm *NOT* a phone maven -- hint, most of Wall Street and 99.9% of the investing community are not either!! -- I came away with this: Just as "networking" went (20+ years ago) from "Maybe, next year" to absolutely ubiquitous without a single watershed event, ... it appears that 3G in America may do the same. Reviews of that phone (WITH! ANAD-inside) are far from rave reviews, but they make it clear that convergence has gone WAY past built-in cameras and some meaningful percentage of cellphone users "watches television" (for C-sakes!) while they wait for a latte.

    This surely oversimplifies things, but when TV went from Black and White to color, if there was some company with expertise in electronics with a "major" in "color," I have to think that they made a few $.... ANAD, I continue to believe, is in the catbird's seat.... and it's NOT!! as well
    (universally) understood as it ought to be. That, in my experience, is the recipe for dramatic gains.

    It's also a pretty common recipe for a buyout, since some of the folks that swing a big stick in the electronics world are (sometimes, fortuitously!!) a little simple-minded.... That is, they ask someone in engineering, "Hey, how do they do that?" ... and when the answer includes
    words like "Anadigics" and "we're working on it," sometimes "the suit" says, "Why don't we just buy 'em out then?!"

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    • too funny grammer

    • good point...really.
      i am the worst with grammer, but have a pretty good knack for trading....keep in mind i said "trading".
      not to be mistaken with investing.
      you might say any idiot can pull it off...but i disagree.
      i am not a semi specialist, but i can tell by bottummunchers posts nor is he. He cheerleads for a company based on news releases from the company and large shareholders. I stay objective to the company because i only stay close "to know the evil i trade".
      It is easier to understand patterns of price flucuations (regardless of price) if ya understand the stock.
      regardless that i truely believe this is one of the weakest managements in all the semi space. mrvl is another one i like and trade. do i like! do i trade it daily,weekly....yes.
      in 5 yrs from now bottummuncher will still be saying the nuclear winter was survived by bami and the pipeline of new products will save the company. blah blah blah
      I used to just read and grin at his silliness, now after so long of grinning i feel compelled to bust his balls, because he deserves it.

    • well said--by the way correct spelling is GRAMMAR--thought you'd like to know

    • Lemonyelow1 writes,

      <<<<<Yes, one has trouble "dialoging" with B.F. (he's mostly right not to suffer fools gladly but - and I share the problem - he has a colossal problem dealing with the possibility that he does not have a monopoly on

      And he is absolutely correct. I rightfully do not suffer fools gladly on this board and I do have a like to believe I have at least a "summer share" of the monopoly on "Truth". You might ask, "How or why did B.F. get that way?" The answer to that is real easy. To gain a slight understanding just read the thousands of posts over the past 5 or so years around here and see how much "Truth" or even merely "Reasonable Supposition" has been doled out and also take note of the massive number of "fools" that have flooded this board with everything but the "Truth".

      When you are encountered with some really nasty, filthy, multi alias animals who have nothing on their minds other than trying to make as much money as they can, as fast as they can, by any means necessary you tend not to conduct yourself the same way as you would at Church or at Mom and Dad's house. Sorry, but that is the reality in the shady Yahoo/Internet investment message board world.

      "Truth" and "Reason" are in short supply these days and Honest, Decent, and Ethical contributors are in even shorter supply. Therefore, I am overjoyed to see the occasional "Quality" contribution from "Quality" contributors who possess the abovelisted qualities along with an even rarer one---THEY KNOW WHAT THE HELL THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT PERTAINING TO ANADIGICS.

      There has been an incredible volume of garbage posted here over the years by some really shady people with even shadier agendas (purposely and intentionally misleading you and taking your money is usually high on their lits of priorities). There are also just some who simply don't know what they are attempting to discuss but they are often hard to pick out--even harder to pick out after years of jousting with boiler room filth has worn down your willingness to give the benefit of the doubt on the occasion that it might be justified.

      This message board is what it is because of the sum of its parts but I will tell you this much, if you removed the half dozen or so quality posters who generally know "what time it is" regarding ANAD you would have a worthless cesspool of multi alias, know nothing mutts like the "betternots" and "texgeorgios" of the world stinking up the joint with a few decent folks trying to sift thru the filth for something of substance. (con't)

      • 1 Reply to bottumfizzure
      • I am here because I am an experienced investor with a reasonably good, and lengthy, body of knowledge of the semi industry whose research led to acquiring a large position in ANAD at what I had long insisted (foaming at the mouth like a rabid Dog at times) were severely undervalued prices. I am seeking a flow of thoughts, ideas, and insight on ANAD the company and the investment--hopefully from others of somewhat similar backrounds, experience levels, etc.

        I contribute what I know to be Fact. I also contribute what I honestly believe to be reasonable supposition and opinion. I don't do it for the fun of it, I am looking for others to return in like kind and I truly appreciate when that happens (etch_guy_at_work, Gaasitup, and you few others know who you are). Its just unfortunate that we all too often get a steaming hot plate of worthless and misleading chickenshat served up by greasy, sweaty, desperate, boiler room mongrels that have shady agendas and at this point in my Life the kid gloves come off when dealing with such....

        It does not matter if you Love me, Hate me, or Ignore me for I will contribute here as long as I have an investment or even just an interest. What does matter is that I am not ever going to Knowingly, Willingly, Purposely, or Intentionally Lie, Cheat, or Steal from anyone here or anywhere else and I sure as hell will not tolerate anyone who does.

        Perhaps that relates the "Code of Conduct" that was rightfully pounded into my head at "Ft. Benning's Scool for Boys" also known as OCS years ago. Or maybe it just because that is the way it is supposed to be.

        Meanwhile, if someone thinks I am intimating that Intel would buy ANAD so they can get a leg up on AMD with GaAs microprocessors you are not "up to speed" and you have not truly read and understood the content of my posts. I am not particularly seeking a dialogue with those who refuse to do their homework and as a result are unable to offer any compelling contribution. Nothing makes me happier than to learn something relevent that I did not know because information, knowledge, and insight are the exact same thing as Money in the Bank if it is used properly. That is what I a seeking here and everywhere else--Relevent Information, Knowledge, and Insight. Yup, its in real short supply here and everywhere else, too.

        Now you know the "rest of the story".

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