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  • bottumfizzure bottumfizzure May 18, 2011 9:44 AM Flag

    The psycho multi alias freak Sean O.'s recurring theme

    ignore buying ANAD at cycle low valuations and holding as long as it takes to get paid on the up cycle which works over and over again and FIXATE LIKE A RABID STALKER ON BOTTUMFIZZURE with all his freakish aliases Betternot, Tiger, Roger, makeitinc, orangeis, hhhsss99, etc.

    For our angry, broke multi alias stalker pal, medication and the purchase of ANAD shares as cheap as possible in order to be paid--AGAIN on the buyout or the obvious umpteenth comeback is in order. He is too bitter and angry to follow the prescription and will be content to stalk while others load up for the buyout or the comeback that every cycle bottom valuation sets up.

    Every time this bitter, angry, multi alias freak who lost huge selling his 50 dollar ANAD for under 2 dollars to us in 2001 during the dot bomb implosion fixates on yours truly and selectively reposts blasts from the past like a weirdo stalker, it has been a time to start buying.

    Yes, we relentlessly made fun of the rabid speculator while he got absolutely crushed speculating in 50 dollar+ ANAD on big margin back in 2000/2001. Yes, we bought his shares when margin calls forced him to liquidate at and under 2 dollars a share. Yes, it is understandable the penniless kid is bitter and angry and looks at us like we STOLE his money. Yes, he should get help, take some meds, and move on rather than spend over 10 years STALKING the person that made a fortune on the other side of the trade that caused him huge losses.

    Ask the little fellow why the posts from 2000-2003 are no longer available? Is it because he and many other similar naive idiots went back and demanded Yahoo remove them due to his stupidity in divulging his personal information all over creation during the dot bomb frenzy? Who cares, all I know is all those posts from 2000-2003 gave a wonderful insight on why Sean O. has become the bitter, angry, penniless, multi alias Bottumfizzure stalker freak he has become.

    All we care about is growing wealth and continuing to enjoy our very happy life. It seems all our jealous resident basket case Sean O. cares about is stalking the guy he thinks took all his away and then some since he was super deep in margin speculating in 50 dollar+ ANAD by his own posts back then. Judging by this weirdo stalking campaign he has fixated on for over a decade now instead of concentrating on profitable investing the incident may well have deeply scarred our victim for LIFE.

    We have said it over and over again, the kid can have our sympathies but he CANNOT have any of our money.

    The conditions are again setting up for a bumper ANAD crop. Do you as an investor concentrate on harvesting it or do you concentrate on stalking the farmer who has been harvesting it every cycle??

    We have Sean O.'s answer for over 10 years running now.

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