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  • bobo21029 bobo21029 Jul 8, 1999 11:36 AM Flag

    Glad I bailed.....

    .......I was long 3000 sh, made a quick 40% and
    ran like hell.........the mgt at Oneida are
    fogbound........they have no idea what a hopeless position they're
    in.........the only prayer they've got is consolidate with LBY
    or another major player........I was in the tabletop
    industry for almost 30 years and IMHO the OCQ
    manufacturing facilities are antiquated and
    inefficient.......the BOD of OCQ is flattering themselves to think the
    company is worth more than $37.50.......those chumps are
    gonna be sellin' pencils on the street corner soon
    enough.......God help the diehard OCQ longs;because the OCQ
    mgt.sure as hell won't .....

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    • There have been a number of posts that make it
      easy to attack and accuse OCQ for alcohol abuse or
      employee malfeasance. Nothing could be further from the
      truth. Although I have had serious disagreements with
      OCQ's management and BOD concerning decisions in the
      past, it is absolutely unfair to characterize ANY OCQ
      employee in this manner. This company (and the people who
      direct its future) defines very high standards of
      ethical and professional behavour.

    • For one thing I don't have to drink to reply to a
      fool.I don't have to hide behind a name like penguin to
      voice a reply.You might when you make a statment as
      stupid as yours.Oneida is a lot more than some one like
      you will ever be able to understand. It's not just a
      mill but a place where close to 2000 people like me
      make the best siverware in the world. NOT to bad for a
      bunch of drunks.WE are like any place we have our good
      and bad but we not someone like you will clean our

    • Were you drunk when you wrote that last message?

    • a bunch of drunks they call us.well tell that
      fool he can go stright to hell!!!!! we have been here
      over 100 years not too bad for a bunch of I
      agree with every thing that has been going down no!!
      but the way to change it is to stay and fight for
      change not listening to bull sh-t

    • I feel bad to think that your opinion of Oneida
      is that the hard working people there are a bunch of
      drunks. This is not so. They all work hard and you can
      not believe everything that you read on these boards.
      I don't usually write anything on the boards but I
      just had to give you my opinion. The people at Oneida
      do not deserve this type of nonsense.

    • No wonder this company sucks, you're all a bunch of drunks

    • Here we are again. The lawsuit is settled (which
      if you remember was "without merit") and OCQ is NOT
      disclosing the terms of the settlement to its shareholders.
      Libbey is trumpeting its "victory" on its PR line. Is
      this yet another example of the the total disregard
      the OCQ Board has for the interests of its loyal
      shareholders who have held on through all of this difficulty?
      Secrecy is not becoming to a company who asks its
      shareholders to "trust" its judgment.

    • Does any one have some info on the confidential
      between Oneida and Libby . I am concerned when
      settlements are made that can not be discussed with the stock
      holders .
      Perhaps some one may have had a discussion
      over a couple of beers that they will share with us .

    • The use of alcohol during work hours "is" against
      policy!!! And it doesn't state one beer or seven. The use
      of alcohol period is prohibited! And having a beer
      is legal at the age of 21 as long as you don't work
      for a company that bans it and even then, you can
      legally have as many beers as you want, you just may not
      have a job. And I am sorry but I still have to say
      that a blind eye has been turned to the use of alcohol
      by certain people for years. And I do not have any
      relatives or friends who were terminated and do not even
      know the person who was recently fired. I don't have a
      problem with someone being terminated but I do have a
      problem with the fact that it is selective, as is
      everything there. And in reply to "Sherrill13461" your guess
      is as good as ours as to what is about to happen but
      I think we all agree that "something" is. Sorry!

    • The previous message that I posted should have
      said: "having a beer during a NON-PAID lunch does not
      break any policies". If you have a paid lunch it is
      against company policy to even leave company property.
      Sorry about the typo.

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