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  • ronrunoff ronrunoff Jan 7, 2012 11:39 AM Flag

    A little info please?

    I have been in and out of this stock for a few years now...came back in a month ago and i am under water rather quickly...i want to hang in because i know how VVTV runs hard when it catches a questions are: Is there "looming" debt on the books that nobody knows about?....Has Bankruptcy ever been rumored?....Why such a "turnover" in Management in recent years?...any corruption rumors? a techinial trader looking for some fundamental answers...thanks in advance for your opinion!

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    • Although I do not know of any rumores of any kind I would recommend you do not invest bases on rumores but rather do some homework. Also message boards are not homework just opinion, please do not use them to base a buy or sell upon. Go to investor relations on companies web sites you are interested in and read the financials management signs off on which are also filed with the SEC.

      Know what you are investing in and understand your responsibilities for it is too easy to blame others for things you should know in the end.

    • If you are a technical your own homework. There is nothing hidden or looming that is not described in the most recent Q. Compared to other companies the turnover is rather average. 5 CEO's in 10 years (1 acting) is not 'such turnover'.

      The only 'corruption' is the NBC Olympic Premium which we are still paying for via MSO carriage fee's that are extortion.

    • From my understanding, there is too much "partying" going on amongst the staff and management, and not taking their jobs seriously.