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  • paulmeldrin paulmeldrin Dec 3, 2012 8:58 AM Flag

    VVTV: still searching for shares to short

    It's a brand new week, and I am still looking for some brand new VVTV shares to short. Still none available. As the tax loss selling in VVTV begins, and as liquidity dries up, all the poor suckers dumb enough to have purchased VVTV shares will be looking to unload them to take their loss and tax deduction. As those shares get sold, and there are no buy orders, VVTV stock will keep sinking to the bottom. The closest you will ever get to a sure thing is selling VVTV shares short this month. But alas, the market makers have dried up liquidity and there are no shares to short. If you can find some, grab them now.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell