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  • trumpace trumpace Jan 4, 2013 9:44 AM Flag


    Or better said lack of activity. Well it is pretty interesting that the pps is being a bit manipulated IMHO as we see this morning with really small trades pushing down the pps. 1,203 shares traded hands to move the pps down by almost 4%. So why is this? Well look at the volume, as long as it remains low without any news moving it either way the MM's can push the pps. Also look at the short interest it has moved up by a lot. If KS and team deliver I think you could see a pop and would not be too surprised to see a double and a push through the 52 week high. It is all in KS and Teams hands now to show performance.

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    • I hope you are correct. I have been riding the short squeeze at HLF since 26. It is fun. We could get $8 on a nice squeeze.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Today we are seeing accumulation in the shares as the volume is rising. We may find out in a couple of days that insiders are buying again today. It is interesting on the volume that we saw the stock walk down on small trades, or at least it appeared that way to me, and now volume picks up and the stock moved up 25% in the past week or so. This is could be a example of what could happen once KS and Team prove they have turned around this company with higher revenue and better EBIDTA numbers. IMHO we could see, if the numbers come in above expectations a .50-.75 or better move. If this were to occur at a time where the pps is moving up to the 52 week high on a technical bases, then the pps will blow through that high even more with that .50-.75 move and short term we could see between 3.20-3.50. But it all depends on the KS and Team performance. Short term to me is within the next three months or by the Q4 and Q1 announcements. We have waited a long time for this and have put a lot of faith in this management team for this moment in time, now we find out if they can deliver. We do not need disappointment, we need a positive surprise. All JMHO.