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  • marubozo100 marubozo100 Jan 4, 2013 12:32 PM Flag

    1,596 Days

    That is how long KS has been in charge. His report card as measured solely by pps since then:
    PPS Down 16.81% from 8/22/2008
    Float increased 26%

    Renee's performance:
    173 Days; pps DOWN 47.6%

    Buck's performance:
    128 Days; pps DOWN 16.8%

    Lansing's performance:
    1425 Days; pps DOWN 58.6%

    The General's performance:
    2009 Days; pps UP 284.1% and Float increased 55%

    So as bad as KS has been, Renee and Lansing were both worse in this snapshot.

    I would argue KS is WORST as he moved the stock to $8+ and then it collapsed to more or less where we are now and THAT is why we still LANGUISH here because NO ONE BELIEVES in KS!

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    • Also mar remember KS took a 20 cent per share stock and moved it to where it is today so it all depends where you throw your dart to where the pps has moved. Buck had more control over KS until 2009 and that was the real start to KS when he started to build his team. Again I think his plan at that time was great but the electronics issue through that off track..., but that is fixed now. IMHO they have taken their lumps and going forward there is much more light at the end of the tunnel on the positive side.

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