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  • marubozo100 marubozo100 Jan 5, 2013 10:13 AM Flag

    Al Gore’s Current TV Sold For $500 Million to Al Jazeera

    CurrentTV is distributed to 71M homes and was purchased by Al Jazeera for $500M. Al Jazeera will shut Current TV down and totallly reformat it to be a US version of Al Jazeera.

    Why oh why is ShopNBC....distributed to 83M homes....worth $420M camel dumps less????????

    What say ye Al Keitheera????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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    • Because only a Democrate can get away with what Gore did without any flack. Just think if it were a Republican, think of the outrage. You know Glen Beck made an offer to the Gore group to buy CurrentTV but the group said they wanted someone more in line with their core beliefs so they picked AL Jazeera? Gore is a very bitter person because he lost the election not to mention his family life has suffered too. He has never gotten over the loss. He was once a larger than life man and now is just a small man who sells out to big oil Al Jazeera while preaching about global warming. But when it come to his own life he looks for the profit..., what a hyprocrite. I am really surprised the U.S. Government OK'd this sale but no one is talking about that fact.